Postdoctoral research in Computer Science

Inria Paris-Rocquencourt
AxIS Project-team

Projet FUI FIORA « Moteur d'inférence sémantique pour le conseil personnalisé »

Research topics

  • Data mining, Web usage mining
  • Semi-supervised learning and dynamic patterns
  • Statistical classification, XML documents and browsing traces


Directeur de recherches - Inria

The FIORA project

The FIORA project aims to designing and developing a personalization engine, to propose contents and advices the most appropriate for a given user, with maximum reliability.

Scientifically, a key objective is to merge within a single engine case-based reasoning, techniques of collaborative filtering recommendations, and validation of recommendations by data mining. A decisive step is the construction of a formal interaction layer where information and knowledge are handled and treated. In addition, the FIORA project will develop scalable personalization techniques, coupled with the BigData approaches and knowledge representation, to set up a referral system the least intrusive possible, scalable and distributed.

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