PhD thesis in Computer Science

Le2i Laboratory
Université de Bourgogne

« Découverte et analyse des communautés implicites par une approche sémantique en ligne : l'outil WebTribe »

PhD defended on november 30th, 2012.

Research topics

  • Discovering implicit web communities
  • Semantic clustering
  • Contents and communities traceability on the Web


(alphabetical order)

Maître de conférences - Université de Bourgogne
Professeur - Université de Bourgogne
Professeur - Université Rennes 1

The WebTribe tool

WebTribe is a tool for community discovery based on the analysis of discussion forums, tweets, e-mails, and more generally of any communication situation between users.

In this tool, communications from various sources are tracked in real time, analyzed according to a reference ontology, and a summary of user activity is built in a continuous and incremental way. Communities are identified and updated depending on the semantics and structure of communications between users.

Demonstration below illustrates how WebTribe can be used by a community manager to detect and attract new users.